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March 2011 status recapkendall.demaree3/11/2011 1:56 PM0
CMM 2008kendall.demaree1/13/2009 11:51 AM1
Chipping awaykendall.demaree7/23/2008 2:27 PM0
IOP model "frozen"kendall.demaree7/10/2008 12:18 PM0
Enterprise Architect UML tool migration updatekendall.demaree6/23/2008 2:09 PM0
Vasteras meetingskendall.demaree6/23/2008 1:30 PM0
Site migrationkendall.demaree6/23/2008 1:18 PM0
Recent WG13 meeting and CMM role summarykendall.demaree1/24/2008 1:22 PM0
EA import from Rosekendall.demaree1/12/2008 1:21 PM0
Organizingkendall.demaree1/2/2008 1:23 PM0
Welcome to the CMM Blog from Kendall Demareekendall.demaree11/5/2007 1:26 PM0