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Chipping away
We have been making changes the last few weeks on the "Frozen" 13r07 IOP model.   The changes will not impact IOP in October as all changes are outside the network/powerflow model exchange profile (IEC61970-452 aka CPSM).   I believe the IOP group could take the latest draft models (up to 13r11 this week) without any changes to the exchange profiles.
Some more changes related to 61968 package changes and merging shared components into 61970 have also occured.   Gradually the 61970 diagrams are also shaping up a bit, but there is still more work to do on these.   I will be focusing on IOP model preparations in the next few weeks and taking some vacation.  
It has been hard to get a concensus group on our weekly issues calls because of summer vacations, but we have made some progress on having WG14 and WG13 coordinate.   Tatjana Kostic has been great in assisting and organising the WG14 issues for discussion by WG13.
We keep ticking off a few issues each week and if we can keep that up, we may stop the growing backlog of open issues.    I feel we are making progress, and improving the situtation, though we clearly have lots of work ahead.
Complex data types, implications on UML model and tooling will be a major topic.  Also the discussions on operational limits and state exchange are continuing, though we have the basics of those modeled already.   The existing operational limits UML model should be sufficient for IOP this year.
If any users or vendors out there are already building on top of the TopologicalNode class, please let us know as this might get reworked a little to better support state exchange use cases.
The challenges with the new CIMug site and the associated IEC sites has been a litttle frustrating, but when it works its great!   Hopefully people will hang in there and keep contibuting to the sites.
I will plan to do some more work in the next few months on the tools WG site, but if anyone wants to add content there regarding a particular tool, please go for it!  Go to main CIMug page, select "Groups" button near top of page, then select menu item "CIM Tools Site".   Then click the "Tools Wiki" button on the left side of page.   Here you could go to "CIM Tools List" page hyperlinked from the main content.   Here you can do  your Wiki style edits to add content on a tool by selecting the "Edit" button on the upper right of page.


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