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EA import from Rose

Posted 1/12/2008

Title: EA import from Rose

I am continuing to work with the IEC groups toward our CIM13 goal of maintaining the model outside Rose and likely in Enterprise Architiect.  We are making progress on that but we discovered (maybe you knew already) that the Rose to Enterprise Architect imports are loosing all attribute references to classes like “ActivePower” in the Domain package.  The most visible indication of this problem is the extra “Domain” classes that appear at the root package level and the “<undefined>” class might also appear there.  In fact all attribute classifier references were being lost.  


This is due to a bug or non-conformance to XMI standards in the Rose export.   The latest Rose may have fixed this (I don’t know), but the Rose copies most people have are not likely to be upgraded and have the bug.   Fortunately we have great automation tools in EA and I wrote a script that takes advantage of the fact that we don’t duplicate class names in our combined CIM model.   Thus the text attribute types are translated into proper references.  This issue is hard to see from the GUI UML tools since they typically only show the attribute type name and it looks the same whether it is just text or a reference.  


You can see the error by choosing the attribute classifier selection tool in most tools and it will show the reference class highlighted.  If no class is highlighted, likely you just have text.  This appears to be the functionality in RSA, StarUML and EA.   I have to check with the lawyers before I can release the EA patch code or program, but I’ll ask if I can do it to help everyone out.


Now that I have cracked the EA automation, I may write some more validation tools to help us keep the model more consistent.   I have posted the patched 12r02 release in EA project file on the IEC WG sharepoints for review and will make sure it gets to the CIMug site when that standard is released.



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