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Recent WG13 meeting and CMM role summary

Posted 1/24/2008

Title: Recent WG13 meeting and CMM role summary

Our WG13 CIM issues phone discussions will start to take place in about a week.  This is where much of the real decision making on CIM changes and additions takes place.   The recent WG13 meeting included presentations and some discussion of the “CIM for planning” work sponsored by EPRI and the ERCOT CIM extensions.   Both include lots of good work with some issues to be resolved on how this would move into the CIM standard for more general consumption.


Presently I am advocating within the WG13 and as CMM to get out of managing and distributing our model in a weakly supported, difficult to install, and extremely expensive UML tool.   The majority opinion appears to be in favor of moving to a tool called Enterprise Architect from SparX as a capable but much less expensive alternative.   The recent WG16 and WG13 meeting showed general approval of such a move, though it must be done cautiously and with concern for:

1)     Producing the 61968-301 document

2)     Keeping good diagrams which have been a pain point in transferring from one tool to another

3)     Retaining the ability to merge models produced by various groups into the “combined” model.

4)     Supporting existing Rational Rose users who have committed to building tooling on top of that platform

Your inputs on this issue are welcome.


Another topic that came up recently is releasing documents in PDF format.   I have submitted an issue on this and will be raised in the IEC working groups.


Back to the title….

I am the CIM Model Manager for 2008, this is a role officially within the CIM Users Group, but recognized by the IEC as having similar parallel responsibilities.    The role is by agreement to be supplied on a rotating annual basis (roughly along the lines of annual CIM releases) by each of the three major interested vendors (Siemens, ABB, AREVA).  The vendors are cycling in the order specified and 2008 is AREVA’s turn.  If you disagree with the selection of major vendors, then you can request to join in the rotation.   A CMM candidate is supposed to at least participate in most of the major CIM UG and IEC WG13 meetings over the course of the year prior becoming CMM.   The CMM is automatically (or at least normally) included as a member of WG13, 14, and 16.

Specifically, the CMM role has the responsibility of facilitating gathering CIM issues, facilitating discussion of the issues both in official IEC meetings and with series of phone conferences, documenting and implementing the resolution of these issues into the draft CIM UML model.    The CMM does not get to officially decide anything, but as implementer of changes is often free to choose concrete implementations for review by the TC57 IEC groups.  It has been my observation that good ideas are generally well received in the standards groups, though might take some work to clearly communicate.  The CMM also merges the various models together into a “combined” UML model and generates the annual 61970-301 document.   CMM also answers specific questions raised in the context of the CIM Users Group help desk.   The CMM gives reports of progress to both the IEC working groups and the CIM UG.



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