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Vasteras meetings

The meetings the last two weeks in Vasteras Sweden went very well.   We had a good turnout for the European CIM users group and many presentations and some good discussion during the “ask the experts”.  One of the major achievements was in the CIM Naming and Model Exchange working group breakout, where an action plan was created for the UCTE.  The CIM community considers the UCTE a exchanges a key driver and we had presentations from UCTE and members.


There appears to be general agreement that the process, tools, and ability, to derive contextual models and messages from the information model is key and is now a central issue in making good progress.


I was able to attend one day of the WG16 meeting and we will be working this week (after returning to the office) on merging the European CIM Market Extensions into the “CIM13” model.  I should say combined 61970cim13_61968cim10_combined model.  This work merge work will of course be done in the Enterprise Architect tool.  I will talk more on EA migration in a separate post.


The combined WG13 and WG14 meetings were driven mainly by WG13 issues meeting topics, and the WG14 attendance was a little smaller than usual.  The later joint meetings suffered from WG14 members breaking into smaller working groups to do the things they needed to accomplish.  However there was good progress and generally agreement.  I think we are making good progress working closely with WG13 and WG14 jointly participating in weekly issues calls for the last several months.  We are also managing the WG14 and WG13 issues in the same IEC CIM issues list.  That IEC issues list will be maintained separately from the CIM ug issues list, but the CIM ug issues list will feed into the IEC list.


The WG13 meeting was a big one to resolve outstanding items that are needed for the InterOp tests this October.  A number of issues were resolved, closed, and some really good collaboration and UML modeling were accomplished.  The changes and agreements were specific enough for me to put out an IEC internal 61970cim13r04 release to be reviewed by the WG 13,14,16 teams this week.  I am hopeful that this UML model is very close to being frozen for IOP 2008 in October.


We did agree that some items outside the IOP 2008 scope may evolve during the latter half of the year.  These changes will not impact the parts of the model used for IOP.


It is looking good for CIMTool to create the profile artifacts (OWL or RDFS) that the vendors will use for IOP 2008.


IOP discussions this morning are debating details of ModelingAuthoritySet testing.  Though it looks like there is interest from some vendors.  A few of us have been pushing the ModelingAuthoritySet testing since it seems critical to UCTE and other key drivers in the industry to utilize CIM exchanges.


We have over a hundred model change entries now.  Though this is not final and WG13 could nix some of these yet, the following are key items for “cim13”.



  • Aggregated regulation control and regulation cleanup.
  • New equipment operational ratings package.
  • Ownership
  • New load type model and voltage response capabilities.
  • New state variables package.
  • New control area specification package
  • Planning style bus (TopologicalNode) labels.
  • Branch group interface specification




A combined team from WG13,14,16 will be working on model repackaging also.  Since packaging does not impact IOP, this can be done in the latter part of the year.

Also, we hope to get to some major documentation cleanup, and fill in some undocumented or weakly documented parts of the model.  Again this does not impact IOP and can be done in the fall.



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