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Enterprise Architect UML tool migration update

Well we are managing the model now in the Sparx Systems EA tool.  We are successfully merging iec61968 models from Rose, though it is not trivial to do so.  Things will get much better once we are totally within the EA tool.  The only outstanding item is the line routing on the diagrams, but we will be doing a final merge and manual cleanup this year.


The iec61970 models are being completelyupdated within the EA tool.  Some manual cleanup of the diagrams within 61970 has already started, but this is a fairly low priority and can be done later in the fall after we InterOp.


There is a new Rose plug-in available to export an XMI file that is much better for EA to import.  The latest versions (7.1) of EA are also needed for maximum compatibility with the new Rose XMI export.  With this combination and a little extra processing by a tool called CIMinEA.exe y we can perform a valid clean import.


We have a potential problem with matching guid’s used in the XMI files not matching, but the CIMinEA.exe tool and another called merge_guids.exe can be used to match things up by package and class names instead of by guid.


I will post some more on this CIMinEA.exe tool later as we release these tools in open source form.


Slides on this process and tooling were presented at the IEC working group meetings in Vasteras.



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