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IOP model "frozen"
We have a set of changes to "CIM13" (more precisely  IEC61970cim13r07) which will be used for the 61970 "inter op" testing in October 2008.    The IOP group has agreed to "freeze" the model to be used for this testing.   By freeze, we mean no changes to the part of the model that is in the IEC61970-452 exchange profiles (aka CPSM - CIM Power System Model).   Also we will of course unfreeze and correct anything that is a serious problem for IOP. 
In the meanwhile, the IEC TC57 WG13 (and WG14 and WG16) will continue to evolve the annual CIM release, but the IEC will not lightly make modifications that impact the IOP "frozen" model.     There are number of model cleanup issues, like documenation, and diagram cleanup that don't impact the IOP.   These areas will continue to evolve throughout 2008.    Also there are areas of the model (for example state exchange) that are not part of the IOP profile(s) and will continue to evolve in 2008 and likely be part of the official IEC61970-301 standard targeted for the beginning of 2009.
We are targeting to do some limited testing of the ModelingAuthoritySet this year as well as the usual model exchanges.   We are also targeting testing exchange of Equivalents package which was introduced last year in CIM12.
Work continues on the dynamics models within the EPRI sponsered CIM for planning - dynamcs activity.   There is not yet final agreement on UML changes, but the process appears to be converging on a solution that enables exchange of dynamic models in much the same way as we exchange static models.    In fact, the dynamics models will be an additional modeling layer that associates back with the static model much like a various packages like Siemens-PTI PSS/E and the GE PSLF have handled their dynamic and static models in their proprietary file forms.   DigSilent (PowerFactory) has also been contributing heavily to this effort.
WG14 is working closely with WG13 now and intends to do next edits with the combined EA model.
WG16 European CIM Market Extensions are yet to be merged but I hope to get to that soon, though its unclear what exactly we will be doing with the contextual model aspects that have been performed in UML.


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