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Model Issues: Inconsistent attribute naming convention

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Inconsistent attribute naming convention 


Inconsistent naming convention for attributes with data type of AbsoluteDate or AbsoluteDateTime


It seems the attribute naming convention follows …<Date> for AbsoluteDate data type and …<DateTime> for AbsoluteDateTime data type, but it is not consistent. Here are some examples:


expirationDate & expirationDateTime:

Assignment.expirationDate                    – type of AbsoluteDateTime

AccessPermit.expirationDate                – type of AbsoluteDate

            Skill.expirationDateTime                       – type of AbsoluteDateTime


effectiveDate & effectiveDateTime:

            Assignment.effectiveDate                      – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            PassThroughBill.effectiveDate   – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            Skill.effectiveDateTime             – type of AbsoluteDateTime



            WorkBillingInfo.dueDate                      – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            CustomerBillingInfo.dueDate                 – type of AbsoluteDate

            ErpInvoice.dueDate                              – type of AbsoluteDate


endDate & endDateTime:

            Season.endDate                                   – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            ServiceGuarantee.endDate                    – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            Tariff.endDate                                      – type of AbsoluteDate

            IncidentRecord.endDateTime                – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            OperationalRestriction.endDateTime     – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            Outagerecord.endDateTime                  – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            SwitchingSchedule.endDateTime           – type of AbsoluteDateTime


startDate & startDateTime:

            Season.startDate                                  – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            ServiceGuarantee.startDate                   – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            Tariff.startDate                         – type of AbsoluteDate

            IncidentRecord.startDateTime   – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            OperationalRestriction.startDateTime    – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            ProfileData.startDateTime                     – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            SwitchingSchedule.startDateTime          – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            TimeTariffInterval.startDateTime           – type of AbsoluteDateTime

            TroubleTicket.startDateTime                 – type of AbsoluteDateTime


Proposed Resolution

To follow one naming convention

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tatjana.kosticNo presence information (10/14/2010 4:08 AM): WG14 issue 1270: applied with IEC61968CIM10v28. WG14 issue 1271: applied with IEC61968CIM10v29. Combined issue 1272: applied with 61970cim15v06-61968cim11v04. Combined issue 1273: Do not change attribute names (in 61970) because of backwards possible compatibility problems. Stability deemed more imporant in this case.
Kurt.HunterNo presence information (9/29/2009 12:00 PM): Added to CIM Issues list as issue #1268.

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