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CIMug > Model Issues > Relationship between ConsumptionTariffInterval and TimeTariffInterval  

Model Issues: Relationship between ConsumptionTariffInterval and TimeTariffInterval

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Relationship between ConsumptionTariffInterval and TimeTariffInterval 


This is a case that a TOU tariff can vary based on consumption block. In other words, peak hour prices can be different with different consumption blocks. It seems there should be a relationship between TimeTariffInterval and ConsumptionTariffInterval which does not exist in the current CIM UML.



Also a CPP (critical peak pricing) can suspend all previous pricing (TOU and/or block consumption) for certain duration. Should this be treated as a TOU case?


See sample data from SE (Smart Energy) TRD below:



Block1Price1 $ 0.11531 Block1Price-OffPeak


Block2Price1 $ 0.13109 Block2Price-OffPeak


Block3Price1 $ 0.25974 Block3Price-OffPeak


Block4Price1 $ 0.37866 Block4Price-OffPeak


Block5Price1 $ 0.44098 Block5Price-OffPeak


Block1Price2 $0.1453  Block1Price-Peak


Block2Price2 $0.1711  Block2Price-Peak


Block3Price2 $0.2997  Block3Price-Peak


Block4Price2 $0.4287  Block4Price-Peak


Block5Price2 $0.4960  Block5Price-Peak


Block1Price4 $0.99  Block1Price-CPP


Block2Price4 $0.99 Block2Price-CPP


Block3Price4 $0.99 Block3Price-CPP


Block4Price4 $1.25 Block4Price-CPP


Block5Price4 $1.99 Block5Price-CPP


Proposed Resolution

To make ConsumptionTariffInterval contain TimeTariffInterval or vice verse. Not sure about how to deal with CPP. Thoughts?

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tatjana.kosticNo presence information (10/14/2010 3:55 AM): Applied to IEC61968CIM11v04, see WG14 issue 1288.
Kurt.HunterNo presence information (11/9/2009 4:15 PM): Added to CIM Issues list as issue # 1288.

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Version: 5.0 
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Last modified at 10/14/2010 3:55 AM  by tatjana.kostic