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CIMug > Model Issues > MeterMultiplier: Association to Register missing  

Model Issues: MeterMultiplier: Association to Register missing

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MeterMultiplier: Association to Register missing 


In the current CIM version
( iec61970cim16v29_iec61968cim12v08_iec62325cim03v01a ) there seems to be a problem with the MeterMultiplier

because there is no possibility any more to have a direct link between register and meter multipliers.

In order to check this out please just have a closer look at IEC61968, Package Metering, Class: MeteringMultiplier, Class: MeterMultiplier.

In some elder  previous CIM version (  IEC61968-11-00v10_iec61970cim14v05_iec61968cim10v23_combined-CDV ) the so-called register factor as well as some

specific electricity related factors like current transformer ratio, potential transformer ratio and transformer ratio could be linked directly to a register.

Explanation: In that elder version the overall model looked a bit different
 ( also with regard to naming a little bit ) .
Most important: There was not any MeterMultiplier yet.

Instead there existed a specialization ElectricMeteringFunction of DeviceFunction in which all the above mentioned electricity factors were included and even some more useful indicators like e.g. transformerRatiosApplied. With ElectricMeteringFunction it was possible to have a direct association to register.

Nowadays however this ElectricMetering has disappeared and the electricity factors have wandered into the MeterMultiplier.

Also the meter itself at that time had two additional attributes like kR and kH but which nowadays also have vanished and wandered into the MeterMultiplier.


At least for the electricity related factors ctRatio, ptRatio and transformerRatio there is a need for a direct linkage to the register where they are applied in order to perform the quantity conversion.
It is not quite clear for me why CIM has changed the former design which seemed to be more appropriate for me.

Proposed Resolution

A solution could be e.g. to introduce a new association register -> MeterMultiplier.
Remark 1:
Maybe a further constraint is needed to make sure that this register should be a register of a meter and not of a more general EndDevice
Remark 2:
I do not expect that CIM will return to the previous design. I can e.g. understand that the multipliers kR and kH can be considered as meter specific.

But for the more electricity specific factors like ctRatio, ptRatio and transformer ratio I do not really understand why this should be considered

only meter related and not also register-related!

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Version: 9.0 
Created at 4/28/2016 6:16 AM  by thomas.weidlich 
Last modified at 4/28/2016 7:03 AM  by thomas.weidlich