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Ljubljana 2018 Presenters: Nejc Petrovič


Nejc Petrovič  


Nejc Petrovič 


Nejc Petrovič received a B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering in the field of power engineering at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2012. After graduation he started working as an engineer at a power distribution company Elektro Gorenjska, Slovenia. He now works as an adviser to the Chief Information Officer in Elektro Gorenjska. His work focuses on researching Smart grid technologies and solutions with the main focus on emerging technologies in the energy sector. He is also a member of IEC TC57 WG13 and WG14.

Job Position

Adviser to the Chief Information Officer, Elektro Gorenjska 

Presentation Title 1

Implementation details and real-life benefits of CIM integration project 

Presentation Title 2


Presentation Title 3

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