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Ljubljana 2018 Presenters: Boštjan Rožič


Boštjan Rožič 


Boštjan Rožič 


Boštjan Rožič, Chief Technology Officer at GDB d.o.o., started working as an application engineer for SCADA and DMS projects for Slovenian utilities before moving on to developing interfaces from SCADA, DMS and Asset Management to CIM as well as developing the WEB.CIM integration platform itself. Having experience in both the application of IT systems in power system utilities as well as CIM development and implementation, he understands the need for IT system integration and the benefits CIM has to offer.

Job Position

Chief Technology Officer, GDB d.o.o. 

Presentation Title 1

Implementation details and real-life benefits of CIM integration project 

Presentation Title 2


Presentation Title 3

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